Family Adventures During Your Dartmouth Holiday

You are sometimes in quandary on where to spend your vacation and how to spend it so you and your family will really enjoy a truly memorable one. If you go on Dartmouth holidays, there will always be attractions and activities that will cater to each member’s interest. Dartmouth has great beaches and water sports that water lovers would really appreciate. There are also thrilling rides at theme and adventure parks, museums, castles and many more for those times when you want or need to stay indoors. You must stay at the secure Dartmouth holiday cottages though so you can have a comfortable place to return to after an exciting tour of Dartmouth. It is highly recommended that you book your Dartmouth holiday cottages even before you leave for your holidays so you are guaranteed to have them waiting for you when you reach Dartmouth. Here are some places that you must visit together with your family when you are staying in your luxurious Dartmouth holiday cottages.

The Milky Way Adventure Park

If you are staying at the spacious Dartmouth holiday cottages, the Milky Way Adventure Park is just a few minutes’ drive away. It is considered as the biggest indoor park in North Devon and has several activities ready to provide your family with several exciting activities. The park has a total of 2.5 acres of indoor facilities and over 10 acres of outdoor areas which give you the perfect place to explore with your family. You can easily access the park from the many Dartmouth holiday cottages and it is one place that you can go to any day of the year even when in bad weather. At the park, you will be served by the friendly staffs that make sure that they are available to assist you. You will have a memorable moment in the Milky Way Adventure Park so make sure you include this in your itinerary.

The Cosmic Typhoon

The Cosmic Typhoon is located at the Milky Way Adventure Park. It is the tallest and fastest roller-coaster ride in the whole Devon. You must try out this thrilling ride as it will make you long for more. When you are at the adventure park, this is one ride that you must immediately fall in line for. This ride will give you one of a kind fun and adventure.

The Adventure Island

The Adventure Island is one place where your family, most especially your children, will want to go to. It would be a good idea to leave your holiday cottage right early in the morning so you can have more time to take part in the action at the Adventure Island. This sits on a 7-acre site located in Essex and is easily accessible from your Dartmouth holiday cottages. Both indoor and outdoor activities are available for visitors of all ages. Some of the favourites include Raging River Log Flume, Mr. Smee’s Boat Ride, Jungle Safari and Barracuda. This is one place that you will not regret bringing your family to especially when you know that they go back to yourDartmouth holiday cottages tired but extremely happy.