Interesting Historical Sites to Visit During Your Torquay Holidays

When you plan a vacation in Devon, you can book any of the Devon or the Torquay holiday cottages. Since Devon is an area where you can do both land and water activities; hence, it provides assorted sports for any type of visitor. Even if water sports predominate, there are also many interesting historical sites that are found in Devon. By learning about the history of Devon, you can begin to understand their culture and way of life. One of the best sites for tourists is the Beer Quarry Caves.

Beer Quarry Caves

These caves are frequented by tourists because of their beauty and historical value. You can take a drive from your Devon holiday cottages to get to this place. You can also visit this attraction while staying at the Torquay holiday cottages and explore these incredible caves. You and your family can explore the ancient cave under a guided tour because there are numerous tunnels in which you can get lost. The caves were first carved by human hands during the Roman Empire. The rocks were used to build edifices like the Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London among a few. England’s 20 cathedrals were made out of the stones taken from the Berry Quarry Caves. The rock carved from there is of high quality because it is easily malleable when freshly taken and hardens when exposed to sunlight, making it ideal as a building material. You may not be able to tour the caves in one day, so you might want to schedule a second visit while staying at the Devon holiday cottages.

The Caves

There are several smaller caves within the cave, and they still have the crude equipment made use of by the Christians during the Roman Empire when they were persecuted and ostracized. There are also carving tools left by the Normans and Saxons who obtained their stone material from the caves. The caves offer the history of several generations from thousands of years ago. It would be safe to assume that almost all the cathedrals, castles and big buildings in England have in some way a piece of the stone coming from the Berry Caves. After a day at the caves you can head back to the comfort of the Devon holiday cottages for a well deserved rest. You can also enjoy this attraction while staying at the Torquay holiday cottages.


You can take with you older members of your family to navigate the caves and scrutinize the antiquated tools that are displayed in the caves. It would also be a thrilling adventure for you as you can enter the other smaller caves and go around looking for details that might interest you.

This is only one of the many interesting places in Devon that you can visit. Staying at one of the Devon or the luxurious Torquay holiday cottages will give you access to several attractions in Devon and Torquay.